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Have you considered the environmental impact? Re upholstery was one of the first forms of recycling, and keeping
chairs and sofas out of landfills is a very good thing.  That’s why it’s worth investing in good furniture to start
with –it can be reupholstered again and again.

If you are on a limited furniture budget, its better to purchase good furniture from a thrift store and recover it than to buy new furniture that’s cheap and won’t have a second life.
If shoddy furniture ends up on the curb after a few years, that’s bad for all of us.
Why Reupholster Your Furnishings?
You want a new look, so the decision is yours: Reupholster? Or buy new? Here are some points to make
that choice the best one for you…
Factory made versus Hand-crafted:
Buying new furniture can be risky business. That sofa you re yearning for may look terrific in the showroom but as the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep. Do you know what’s on the inside? Is it likely to be the best quality if it comes at bargain prices? Some questions to ask are: Is the frame sturdy? Will the springs hold up under the wear and tear of everyday living? Are you buying a piece that will serve your needs and fit your lifestyle for years to come? A true professional will answer these questions honestly and thoroughly, believing that you deserve to know enough to make an educated choice.

The differences between hardwood and cheaper materials are what cause a frame to last for generations, or degrade in just a few years. The quality of the fill products (foam, cotton, down and feathers, batting, cluster fiber, etc.) that go into a piece of furniture determine how comfortable it will be and for how long.

What you save in the short run could cost you more than the price of the piece in adjustments down the line. It all comes down to this simple truth: factory -made furniture put together cheaply on an assembly line is less durable than a fine quality piece reupholstered by a trained craftsman. In the end what you want is a quality product that will suit your taste, match your decor, fit into a particular space, and support your unique lifestyle for a good long time.

What better way to achieve that than by reupholstering your present furniture?

Fabric Selection:
So often in furniture store you have to settle for what you can get. Choices are limited in regards to color, pattern, and style. The word custom may be used but it only goes as far as the particular selection the manufacturer decides to offer. Why settle for one of fifteen or twenty options when your neighborhood upholsterer can offer you tens of thousands of textiles (available through a vast chain of sources) in colors, textures, styles and price ranges to suit your specific needs?
Design Flexibility:
Another bonus that comes with choosing to reupholster is being able to redesign your old furniture for an
absolutely new look. Reshape arms eliminate a skirt, straighten out a camel back. Have you overlooked
furniture in your own home? A piece of furniture that’s been banished to the basement could have a great new life if
reupholstered in a new fabric.
Possibilities abound when you re dealing with a professional upholsterer whose specialized skills enable you to achieve a truly custom outcome with your finished piece. If it s already in good condition, you won t have to pay for unnecessary work. And if your furniture needs repairs your upholsterer can easily replace springs, rebuild the frame, or add new padding along with that updated style.
Not only will you love your new look, you will also have an heirloom -quality piece your family can enjoy for many years to come.